August Activities

The gardens are taking on the late-summer greens. Volunteer Phil Dahlen notes the Arboretum "is still beautifully clothed in many flowers." See his latest update of What's in Bloom" here on the site.

Our latest email newsletter went out a few days ago (if you are not signed up for it, click here to find out how). Here are three of the highlighted events:


Abundant Midsummer Blooms

The recent rain helped the plants at the Arboretum put on extra blooms for our viewing pleasure. Volunteer Phil Dahlen sent me his bi-weekly update of the In Bloom list, so take a look at the list and come on to the Arboretum one morning before it gets too hot!


Enjoy your summer.


Contributed Photos

Pictures posted here on the website of the Arboretum allow many to share a visitor's pleasure. Check out our Picture Gallery where the newest contributions (from Ronnie Sabloff) were posted today.

We welcome pictures from everyone showing some of their favorite places at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum.


Friday Night at the Movies

We sent out some mixed signals on whether advance registration is needed for our Friday Night at the Movies shows, the first of which is this Friday evening, July 16th. To be quite concise, no advance registration is needed. Just bring your family, your membership card and $5 for the whole carload of you ($10 without a membership card). Sorry for the confusion.


This should be a fun event for all and we hope to see lots of our friends there.


A Gardener's Eye

Closups - July 10, 2010Noted garden photographer Alan L.

Calling All Crafters!

The Frelinghuysen Arboretum will be host a Holiday Craft Show on the weekends of December 4/5 and December 11/12 in conjunction with their annual exhibit -- Gingerbread Wonderland -- which draws an annual visitation of 12,000 to 15,000 guests. To review the requirements and apply for a table, please download the Craft Show Application.

Applications may also be picked up at the Haggerty Education Center of The Frelinghuysen Arboretum located at 53 East Hanover Avenue in Morristown, NJ.


Summer Approaches

I am sure all you plant lovers are well aware of your garden's shift toward summer plants. The greens are deepening, the lilies are getting ready, the roses have displaced the peonies for showiest blossoms. It is no different at the Arboretum, where volunteer Phil Dahlen sent his latest update of our What's in Bloom list with this nice note: "The summer's almost here and the flowers are kicking into high gear.


Gallery Glitch

We had a short-lived problem with the database server that underlies our picture gallery. It is now fixed and I encourage you to see the fine pictures of the Arboretum that are found there.


Thanks to all who notified me of the problem. I appreciate your help.


Photos Contributed by John Brown

I received an email full of images of the Arboretum from contributor, John Brown and am happy to announce that they are all available for viewing. Go to our Photo Gallery to see these and other fine pictures of all the beauty at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum.


Wow, Is Summer Here?

It's hard to believe how nice and summer-like it is outside and it looks like this beautiful weather will be with us on Memorial Day weekend, too. How lucky are we.


Everything is blooming and our What's In Bloom list is right up to date. Take some time in the next few days for a nice walk at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum.