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Have Common Lawn Questions?


Join Rich Imlay from Jonathan Green lawn products again on Sunday, September 7th from 11am - 2pm at our Retail Partner: The Farm at Green Village. Bring your soil samples for testing and talk with Rich about your lawn problems. Rich will diagnose your grass situation and make recommendations both organic and synthetic.

For tomato enthusiasts, talk with Rich, who is very knowledgeable about growing a high quality tomato and improving it's disease resistance with planting techniques.


Back to Nature & Birds!


A Gardener’s Best Friend

Birds are a valuable addition to the garden. They offer the ultimate in organic pest control by stopping garden pests in their tracks with their hungry beaks. A single chickadee can eat more than a thousand scale insects, aphid eggs, and grubs in just one day. Birds are also excellent pollinators – always a welcome addition to a healthy garden. You can attract beneficial birds by simply adding a bird feeder. But an even better solution is to offer up a variety of sustainable resources for our feathered friends by planting berry producing shrubs and fruit trees.


Reduce the Risk of Falling Branches

Bartlett Tree Says Winter Pruning is Key


The snow, ice, and wind of winter can be tough on your trees so now is the time to schedule pruning. Removal of dead or diseased wood can greatly reduce the risk of falling branches this time of year. Plus, pruning can improve the overall health and appearance of your trees, getting them in shape for spring.


New Jersey Deer Control

Our company, New Jersey Deer Control (NJDC), is a deer repellent spraying service. We use our own patented product and guarantee to protect landscapes from deer damage. We are deer repellent specialists with an extensive knowledge of deer and their habits, and we consider ourselves the leaders in the industry.


Impatiens Downy Mildew

An article by Featured Retail Partner, The Farm at Green Village

A new disease is threatening impatiens. Impatiens walleriana commonly referred to as bedding impatiens; include the most common impatiens many of us use in our home landscapes as well as the rosebud impatiens (double impatiens) and yellow exotic impatiens.


Tree Inspections & Treatments

An article by Featured Retail Partner, Bartlett Tree Experts

With emergency tree work from the Super storm Sandy completed, now is the time for property owners to have their trees inspected for storm related defects and protect your remaining landscape. Here are some primary considerations as we move forward in 2013.

Read this whole article from Bartlett Tree Experts by clicking here: (view pdf).