Celebrate Rutgers 250th Anniversary with.........a Tomato!

Scientists at Rutgers, including our Morris County Extension Agent, Pete Nitsche, have worked for the past decade to recreate the original 1934 Rutgers tomato -- tasty, juicy, easy-to-slice, disease resistant -- that gave a huge boost to the state's food processing industry, commercial vegetable growers, and became know as the Jersey tomato.  Now we all can commemorate the 250th anniversary of Rutgers' founding AND grow this taste-test winner in our own gardens.

Cynthia Triolo, MCPC, obtained some impossible-to-find seed and has started just a few dozen plants for our sale this year.  You will not easily find this tomato anywhere else due to the limited supply of seed, so come early to the sale and celebrate both Rutgers and the Jersey tomato!