The Fragrant Garden

Do flowers have feelings?  Perhaps they do and express themselves not only through their traditional characteristics best known to many gardeners of color and texture but through fragrance as well. How many of us cherish memories of having played near fragrant lilacs, or remember that wonderful aroma of a grandmother’s rose garden?  
Fragrance is an elusive quality, in that it may be fleeting, and change over time.  Fragrant plants are best placed along walks and garden edges where they can be brushed against (for leaves such as herbs) or smelled, next to buildings or patios where the warmth brings out the scents, and in enclosed spaces where the scents won’t be diminished by passing breezes.   
This year at The Plant Sale consider fragrance in addition to bloom color, leaf shape and texture.  The online plant list provides a wonderful reference of this characteristic for many plant selections.  Focus on another important trait of how flowers can express themselves in your garden.  Enjoy selections that cross many types of plants from woody shrubs to perennials, annuals and herbs.  Look for: Wisteria, Fothergilla, Basil, Bugbane, Flowering Tobacco, Dill, and Chocolate Cosmos….did someone say Chocolate?

Beth Riley