Gardening in Containers

Planting in containers is a great way to get up and personal with your favorite plants!

Whether it's your rebeling back or limited space, or even the neighbor you want to screen quickly, putting that new small tree or shrub into a big pot and maybe underplanting with some wonderful groundcover can give you instant impact that looks great and can last for two to three years before you'll need to replant into the garden. Or, just plant up with terrific annuals and get height from bananas, cannas, or some of the neat tall salvias and abutilons we'll have at the sale. Or, plant vegetables in a big pot and harvest conveniently by your back door. Trellis a tomato in the center and add a pepper and some herbs and you've got your pizza ingredients right there. Umm, we won't have mozzarella at the sale....

I was reminiscing about past sales this weekend and came across this slideshow I had put together for a previous sale. There are lots of great container planting ideas from the arboretum and from other gardens in the area. I bet you'll recognize some of the sites I visited. Be inspired and enjoy!