If your magnolia blossoms got frosted again this spring ...

from Ilona

... then you should plant a Cornelian cherry tree instead.  I talked about my favorite last week, and my first ever plant sale purchase:  Cornus officinalis 'Kintoki'.  It has been furiously blooming for over a month and as I mourned my brown magnolia soulangiana blooms today -- they got frosted a few days ago -- I saw that my cornus is still in full flower.  It's so much more exciting that the forsythia now waning and it blooms much longer, too.  And much more interesting later, when it gets bright red fruit and wonderful fall color.  And then there's the flaking bark in the winter.  Hmmm, I bet I can fit another one in somewhere in the garden, they grow slowly to about 20 feet, so are good companions with taller trees like our native tulip poplars and ash.