Library Catalog

Following is a partial listing of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum library on-line card catalog. Use the "Sort by" window to change sort order. The listing will be added to regularly.

Title Author Category Ref_num
100 Flowers and How they Got Their Names Wells, Diana none 398.24
100 Garden Tips & Timesavers Brooklyn Botanic Garden Gardens 635
100 Great Garden Plants Frederick, Wm. H. Jr. Trees 583
1000 Gardening Questions & Answers The New York Times Gardens 635
1001 Garden Questions Answered Hottes, Alfred Carl Gardens 635
1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die Spencer-Jones, Rae World Gardens World Plants 912.1
300 of the most asked questions about organic gardening Gerras, Charles Vegetable Gardening 635.1
80 Great Natural Shade Garden Plants Druse, Ken Shade Gardening 635.966
A Biography of Fredrick Law Olmsted Roper, Laura Wood Biographical / Historical 925
A Bird-Painter's Sketch Book Rickman, Philip Birds in the Garden 598.2
A Book of Salvias Clebsch, Betsy Perennials 635.933
A Book of Wayside Fruits McKenny & Johnston, Edith F Wildflowers 586
A Butterfly Garden Potter-Springer, Wendy Butterflies 595.78
A Catalogue of Redouteana Redoute, Pierre Botanical Illustration 704.94
A Country Herbal Gordon, Lesley Herbs 635.7
A Dictionary of Landscape Architecture Morrow, Baker H. Garden Design 712
A Distinctive Setting For Your Home Smith, Alice Garden Design 712
A Field guide to Mushrooms McKnight, Kent & Vera Lichens, Fungi, Algae 589
A Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Craighead, John J. & Ray, Frank & Davis Wildflowers 586
A Field Guide to the Birds Peterson, Roger Tory Birds in the Garden 598.2
A Field Guide to the Ferns Cobb, Boughton Ferns 587
A Field Guide to Wildflowers Peterson, Roger Tory Wildflowers 586
A Field Guide-Plants of Baja, California Coyle, Jeanette World Gardens World Plants
A Fine and Peaceful Kingdom Durden, Kent Ecology & Environment 581.5
A Forest of Stories Singh, Rina none 398.2
A Forest of stories: magical tree tales from around the worl Singh, Rina Juvenile J398.2
A Fruit is a Suitcase For Seeds Richards, Jean Juvenile J 635
A Garden Book for Autumn and Winter Lay, Charles Downing Gardens 635
A Garden Book for Houston Forum of Civics Gardens 635
A Garden for Cutting Parke, Margaret Flower Arranging 745.92
A Garden for cutting; Gardening for Flower Arrangements Parke, Margaret Gardens 635
A Garden of Herbs Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair Herbs 635.7
A Garden of One's Own Bakalar, Elsa Gardens 635
A Garden of Trees and Shrubs Lape, Fred Trees 583
a Garden of Wildflowers Art,Henry W. Wildflowers 586
A Gardener's Book of Plant Names Smith, A.W. none 398.24
A Gardener's Testament Jekyll, Gertrude Gardens 635
A Glossary of Botanic Terms Jackson, Benjamin Daydon Botanical References - Manuals 582
A Golden Guide to Cacti Venning, Frank D. Cacti 635.95
A Guide to Buying Plants Rottenberg, Harvey Gardens 635
A Guide to Field Identification of Wildflowers of N. America Venning, Frank Wildflowers 586
A Guide to Medicinal Plants of Appalachia USDA for Ser Herbs 635.7
A Guide to the Gardens of Kyoto Treeb, Marc & Herman, Ron World Gardens World Plants 912.1
A Guide to the Wild Flowers Taylor, Norman Wildflowers 586
A Guide to the Will C. Curtis Garden in The Woods Ferreniea, Viki Wildflowers 586
A Guide to the Will C. Curtis Garden in The Woods The New England Wild Flower Society Wildflowers 586
A Guide to the Will. C. Curtis Garden in the Woods New England Wildflower Society Wildflowers 586
A Handbook of Garden Irises Dykes, William Rickatson Iris 635.9344
A Handful of Dirt Bial, Raymond Ecology of the Garden 631.4
A Handful of Dirt Bial, Raymond Juvenile J 631.4
A Heritage of Roses Le Rougetel, Hazel Roses 583.8
A History of Flower Arrangement Berral, Julia Flower Arranging 745.92
A History of Landscape Architecture Tobey, G.B. Jr Garden Design - Landscape Hist 712.09
A Japanese Garden Manual for Westerners Newsom, Samuel Garden Design 712
A Joy of Gardening Sackville-West, Vita Gardens 635
A Kid's Guide to How Trees Grow Ayers, Patricia Juvenile J 583.1
A Kid's Guide to How Trees Grow Ayers, Patricia Juvenile J 635.9
A Leaf Can Be Salas, Laura Purdie Juvenile J583
A Life of Travels Rafinesque, C.S. Plant Explorations 508.3
A Man and His Garden Thompson, SR Gardens 635
A Manual of the Flowering Plants of California Jepson, Willis Linn Botanical References - Manuals 582
A Modern Herbal Grieve, M. Ecology & Environment 581.63
A Natural History of Ferns Moran, Robbin C. Ferns 587
A Natural History of Trees in East & Cent. No. America Peattie, Donald Culross Trees 582.11
A Natural History of Trees of Eastern & Central North Americ Peattie, Donald Culross Trees 583.1
A Patterm of Herbs Rutherford, Meg Herbs 635.7
A Plantman's Guide to Lilies Jefferson-Brown Lilies 635.9345
A Plea for Hardy Plants Elliott, J. Wilkinson Gardens 635
A Primer of Forestry, Part II-Practical Forestry Pinchot, Gifford Forests 634.9
A Redoute Treasury Mallory, Peter & Frances Botanical Illustration 704.94
A Reverence for Wood Sloane, Eric Forests 634.9
A Rich Spot of Earth; Thomas Jefferson's Revolutionary Garde Hatch, Peter J. World Gardens World Plants 912.1
A Sanctuary of Tropical Trees Popham, F.H. Trees 583.1
A Southern Garden Lawrence, E. Gardens 635
A Southern Garden: A Handbook for the Middle South Lawrence, Elizabeth Annuals, Perennials, Biennials 635.9
A Symposium of Handicap Access Morris County Park Commission Horticultural Therapy 950
A Synoptic Guide to the Genus Primula Fenderson, G.K. Perennials 635.933
A Synoptic Guide to the Genus Primula Fenderson, G.K. Perennials 635.933
A Textbook of General Botany Holman, Richard & Robbins, Wilfred Botany 581
A to Z Hints For the Vegetable Gardener Men's Garden Clubs of America Vegetables 635.2
A Traveler's Guide to Roadside Wild Flowers Taylor, Kathryn S. ed Wildflowers 586
A Treasury of American Gardening Whiting, John Gardens 635
A Treasury of English Wild Life Turner, W. J. Natural History 500.9
A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening Downing, A.J. Garden Design 712
A Tree For Me Van Laan, Nancy Juvenile Fiction J-FIC
A Tree is a Plant Bulla, Clyde Robert Juvenile J583.1
A Tree is Nice Udry, Janice May Trees 583.1
A Tree is Nice Udry, Janice May Juvenile J 583.1
A Way to Garden Roach, Margaret Garden Methods 635.98
A Way To Garden Roach, Margaret Gardening Methods 635.98
A Weed is a Flower; the life of George Washington Carver Aliki Juvenile J 925
A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants Brickell, Christopher & Zuk, Judith Encyclopedias & Dictionaries 30.635
ABC of Orchid Growing Watkins, John V Orchids 635.9613
Able to Garden Please, Peter Horticultural Therapy 950
Adventure in My Garden Fox, Helen Gardens 635
Adventurous Gardener Donnelly, Ruah Gardens 635
African Violets and Gesneriad Questions answered by 20 Exper Wilson, Helen V. African Violets 635.9611
African Violets, Gloxinias & Their Relatives Moore, Harold E. African Violets 635.9611
Alexander Wilson; naturalist & pioneer Cantwell, Robert Biographical / Historical 925