Library Catalog

Following is a partial listing of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum library on-line card catalog. Use the "Sort by" window to change sort order. The listing will be added to regularly.

Title Author Category Ref_num
Australian Native Plants Brooks, A.E, World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Autumn Across America Teale, Edwin Way Natural History 500.9
Autumn Leaves Robbins, Ken Juvenile J 538.1
Autumn Leaves Robbins, Ken Juvenile J 583.1
Azaleas Hume, H.H. Rhododendrons 583.4
Azaleas: Kinds and Culture Hume, H.H. Rhododendrons 583.4
Aztec Herbal of 1552 Emmart, Emily W. Herbs 635.7
Backyard - One Small Square Silver, Donald M. Juvenile J 581.5
Backyard Birds of Summer Lerner, Carol Juvenile J 598.2
Backyard Birds of Winter Lerner, Carol Juvenile J 598.2
Backyard Composting Harmonious Technologies Ecology of the Garden 631.4
Backyard Detective Critters Up Close Bishop, NIC Juvenile J 595.7
Backyard Fruits and Berries Smith, Miranda Fruit Trees 634
Backyard Landscaper Susan Roth & Co Garden Design 712
Backyard Safaris Busch, Phyllis S. Juvenile J581.5
Badianus Manuscript Emmart, Emily W. Herbs 635.7
Bamboo Austin, Robert Grasses, Ornamental 633
Banana: It's history, cultivation and place among staple foo Reynolds, Philip Fruit Trees 634
Basic Guide to Pesticides Briggs, Shirley Pests & Diseases 632
Basic Iris Culture American Iris Society Iris 635.9344
Beatrix Farrand's American Landscapes Balmori, Diane, McGuire, Diane K. & McPeck, Eleanor M. Garden Design - Landscape Hist 712.09
Beatrix Farrand's Plant Book for Dumbarton Oaks McGuire, Diane Kostial, ed Garden Design 712
Beatrix: The Gardening Life of Beatrix Jones Brown, Jane Biographical / Historical 925
Beautiful Gardens in America Shelton, Louise World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Beautiful madness Dodson, James Natural History 500.9
Beautiful Tabletop Gardens Kilby, Janice E. Indoor Gardening 635.961
Beauty for America US. Gov. Printing Office Ecology & Environment 581.5
Beauty from Bulbs Scheepers, John Bulbs 635.934
Bees Von Frisch, Karl Butterflies 595.79
Bees Scholastic Juvenile J 595.75
Beginner's Guide to Hydroponics Douglas, James S. Garden Methods 635.98
Beginning to Garden Wilson, Jim Gardens 635
Beginning to Garden Wodell, Helen Page Gardens 635
Benches Lynch, Kenneth Pools, Foundations, Garden Orn 714
Best Apples to Buy & Grow Brooklyn Botanic Garden Fruit Trees 634
Best of Birds & Blooms 2009 Sweet, Kirsten Ecology & Environment 581.5
Better Gardening-Book5 All About Perennials Bradshaw, John Perennials 635.933
Better Homes & Gardens Houseplants Better Homes & Gardens Indoor Gardening 635.961
Better House Plants for Your Home Melady, John Hayes Indoor Gardening 635.961
Beyond the Shining Mountains Gould, Dorothy Fay Biographical / Historical 925
Bibliography of John Ray Keynes, Geofrey Biographical / Historical 925
Bird & Flower Emblems of U.S. Simon, Hilda Birds in the Garden 598.2
Bird Gardens; Welcoming Wild Birds to Your Yard Brooklyn Botanic Garden Birds in the Garden 598.2
Birds Gill, Peter Birds in the Garden 598.2
Birds Gill, Peter Juvenile J 598.2
Birds in The Garden McKenny, Margaret Birds in the Garden 598.2
Birds of Massachusetts Forbush, Edward Howe Birds in the Garden 598.2
Birds of Massachusetts and Other New England States Vol I,II Forbush, Edward Howe Birds in the Garden 598.2
Birds of New Jersey Field Guide Tekliela, Stan Birds in the Garden 598.2
Birds of the Philippines Mayr, Ernst & Delacourt, Jean Birds in the Garden 598.2
Birds of the World Austin, Oliver L. Birds in the Garden 598.2
Birds, Their Nests & Eggs New Jersey State Museum Birds in the Garden 598.2
Blacha Glass Collection Harvard Uni Museum Crafts, Garden-Related 650
Blue Potatoes, Orange Tomatoes Creasy, Rosalind Juvenile J 635.2
Blueberry Culture Childers, Norman F. & Paul Eck Fruit Trees 634
Bob and Otto Bruel, Robert, O. Juvenile Fiction J-FIC
Bold Vision for the Garden Hartlage, Richard Garden Design 712
Bonkei: Tray Landscapes Hirota, Jozan Bonsai 635.984
Bonsai Kobayashi, Norio Bonsai 635.984
Bonsai Japanese Book Bonsai 635.984
Bonsai Culture & Care of Miniatrue Trees McDowell, J. Bonsai 635.984
Bonsai for Indoors Brooklyn Botanic Garden Bonsai 635.984
Bonsai Manual Alstadt, L. PL. & Young, S. Bonsai 635.984
Bonsai Secrets Chan, Peter Bonsai 635.984
Bonsai with American Trees Kawasumi, M. Bonsai 635.984
Bonsai: Indoors & Out Stowell, Jerold Bonsai 635.984
Bonsai: The Art of Dwarfing Trees Pipe, Ann K. Bonsai 635.984
Bonsai: Trees & Shrubs Perry, Lynn Bonsai 635.984
Book of Gardens House and Garden Gardens 635
Book of the Delphinium Leeming, John F. Perennials 635.933
Borders Hobhouse, Penelope Gardens 635
Botanic Manuscript of Jane Colden Colden, Jane none 90
Botanica Turner, R.G., Jr, Wasson, Ernie et al Botanical References - Manuals 582
Botanical Garden II:Perennials & Annuals Phillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn Encyclopedias & Dictionaries 30.635
Botanical GardenI:Trees & Shrubs Phillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn Encyclopedias & Dictionaries 30.635
Botanical Illustration King, Ronald Botanical Illustration 704.94
Botanical Latin Stearn, William T. Botany 581
Botanical Latin: History, Grammar, Syntax, Terminology, Voca Stearn, William T. Botanical References - Manuals 582
Botany for Gardeners Capon, Brian Botany 581
Botany for Gardeners Rickett, H.W. Botany 581
Botany: A Textbook for college & University Students Robbins, W.J. & H.R. Botany 581
Bouquets That Last Brown, Emily Flower Arranging 745.92
Boxwood Larson P.D. Shrubs 583.3
Boxwood History, Cultivation Descrpt. Larson, P.D. Gardening general 635
Branklyn Garden Mitchell, Bob World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Breeding Ornamental Plants Callaway, Dorothy & M. Brett Propagation 635.981
Bringing nature home; how native plants sustain wildlife in Tallamy, Douglas W. Ecology & Environment 581.5
British Botanists Gilmour, John Biographical / Historical 925
British Garden Flowers Taylor, George M. World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Bromeliadas, The Colorful Houseplants Kramer, Jack Indoor Gardening 635.961
Bromeliads Seaborn, Bill Indoor Gardening 635.961
Brother Earth, Nature, God, and Ecology in Time of Crisis Nelson, Thomas Ecology & Environment 581.5
Brother Earth: Nature, God, And Ecology Santmire, H. Paul Ecology & Environment 581.5
Bugs Parker, Nancy Winslow & Wright, Joan Richards Juvenile J 595.7
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! Barner, Bob Juvenile J595.7
Building and Using our Sun-Heated Greenhouse Nearing, Helen & Scott Greenhouse Gardening 635.964
Bulbs Bryan, John E. Bulbs 635.934
Bulbs Lawrence, Elizabeth Bulbs 635.934
Bulbs Phillips, Roger & Rix, Martyn Bulbs 635.934
Bulbs Time-Life Inc. Bulbs 635.934