Library Catalog

Following is a partial listing of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum library on-line card catalog. Use the "Sort by" window to change sort order. The listing will be added to regularly.

Title Author Category Ref_num
Complete Home Landscaping & Garden Guide Korbobo, Raymond P. Garden Design 712
Complete Patio Book Sunset Books Garden Structures - Patio, Ter 717
Compost Thompson, Ken Ecology of the Garden 631.4
Compost Glaser, Linda Juvenile J631.4
Conifers Van Gelderen, D.M. Conifers 583.2
Conifers Coming of Age, Dwarf & Unusual Cutler, Sandra Mclean Conifers 583.2
Conifers of California Lanner, Eugene O. Conifers 583.2
Conservation and You Hitch, Allen S. & Sorenson, Marian Ecology & Environment 581.5
Constance Spry Book of Flower Arranging Piercy, Harold Flower Arranging 745.92
Container & Baskets for Year Round Color McHoy, Peter Container Gardening 635.963
Container Gardening American Horticultural Society Container Gardening 635.963
Container Gardening Indoors & Out Kramer, Jack Container Gardening 635.963
Containers American Horticultural Society Container Gardening 635.963
Contemporary Perennials Cumming, Rod & Lee, Robert Perennials 635.933
Continous Bloom in America Shelton, Louise Gardens 635
Continuous Bloom Duthie, Pam Perennials 635.933
Continuous Bloom in America Shelton, Louise Annuals, Perennials, Biennials 635.9
Cooking with Flowers Leggatt, Jenny Crafts, Garden-Related 650
Cornell Book of Herbs Mackin, Jeanne Herbs 635.7
Correct Planting Methods Countryside Books Garden Methods 635.98
Corsage Craft Reusch, Glad & Noble, Mary Flower Arranging 745.92
Corsage Making Stevenson, Violet Annuals, Perennials, Biennials 635.9
Country Cottage Companion Cole, Peggy Gardens 635
Country Flowers Bailey, Lee Annuals, Perennials, Biennials 635.9
Crabapples of Documented Authentic Origin USDA Agricultural Research Service Fruit Trees 634
Crafts-Preserve Flowers #315 (Video) Maher, Lee Crafts, Garden-Related 650
Crathes Castle & Gardens Thompson, Oliver World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Crazy About Cacti and Succulents Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cacti 635.95
Creating & Planting Alpine Gardens Murfitt, Rex Rock Gardens 635.967
Creating and Planting Garden Troughs Fingerut, Joyce & Martin, Rex Garden Structures - Patio, Ter 717
Creating Patterns from Grasses, Seedheads & Cones Foster, Maureen Crafts, Garden-Related 650
Creative Decorations with Dried Flowers Thompson, Dorothea Crafts, Garden-Related 650
Creative Decorations with Dried Flowers Thompson, Dorothea Flower Arranging 745.92
Creative Gardens Rose, James C. Garden Design 712
Crockett's Flower Garden Crockett, James Annuals, Perennials, Biennials 635.9
Crockett's Indoor Garden Crockett, James Indoor Gardening 635.961
Crockett's Victory Garden Crockett, James Vegetables 635.2
Cucumber Soup Krudwig, Vickie Leigh Juvenile Fiction J-FIC
Cucumbers in a Flowerpot Skelsey, Alice Vegetables 635.2
Culinary Herbs & Condiments Grieve, M. Herbs 635.7
Culpepper's Color Herbal Potterton, David Herbs 635.7
Cultivated Palms-A Special Issue American Horticulture Magazine Ferns 587
Cultivated Palms-A special issue of the American Horticultur American Horticulture society Trees 583
Culzean Learmont, David World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Curtis's Flower Garden Displayed Whittle, Tyler & Cook, Christopher Botanical Illustration 704.94
Cut Flowers Guild, Tricia Flower Arranging 745.92
Cyclopedia of Perfumery Parry, Ernest J. Encyclopedias & Dictionaries 30.635
Cyclopedia of Perfumery Parry, Ernest J. Gardens 635
Daffodils for American Gardens Heath, Brent & Becky Daffodils 635.9341
Dandelion Kite, L. Patricia Juvenile J 586
Dandelions Posada, Mia Weeds and their Controls 632.5
Dandelions Posada, Mia Juvenile J 632.5
Dandylion Bremer, Terry Juvenile Fiction J-FIC
Dangerous Plants and Mushrooms Allen, Missy Poisonous Plants 590
Darwin Retried Macbeth, Norman Biographical / Historical 925
Daylilies Stout, A.B. Perennials 635.933
Daylilies-Beginners Handbook Parry, Ben & Allwood, John Perennials 635.933
Dear Christo, Memories of C Lloyd Garrett, Fergus World Gardens 912.1
Deck Scaping Ellis, Barbara W. Garden Structures - Patio, Ter 717
Decorating with Flowers Maia, Ronald Flower Arranging 745.92
Decorating with Texas Naturals: Grasses Pods Vines Weeds Steitz, Quentin Flower Arranging 745.92
Decorating Your Garden Ross, Pat Garden Structures - Patio, Ter 717
Deerproofing your Yard & Garden Hart, Rhonda M. Deer 639.9
Delphinium Society yearbook Cooper, Leslie Perennials 635.933
Delphiniums Edwards, Colin Perennials 635.933
Descriptive Guide Book of Virginia's Old Gardens Christian, Mrs. Andrew H. & Massie, Mrs. William R. World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Design & Maintane Your Edible Landscape Naturally Kourik, Robert Garden Design 712
Design for Flower Arrangers Riester, Dorothy W. Flower Arranging 745.92
Design in Flower Arrangement Arms, John T. & Dorothy N. Flower Arranging 745.92
Design on the Land Newton, Norman Garden Design - Landscape Hist 712.09
Designing an Herb Garden Brooklyn Botanic Garden Herbs 635.7
Designing Borders for Sun & Shade Brooklyn Botanic Garden Gardens 635
Designing Your Garden Time-Life Garden Design 712
Diary of a Country Woman Cole, Peggy Gardens 635
Diary of a Journey through the Carolinas, Georgia & Florida Bartram, John Plant Explorations 508.3
Diary of a Scotch Gardner Blaikie, Thomas Biographical / Historical 925
Dictionary of Ecology Hanson, Herbert C. Ecology & Environment 581.5
Dictionary of Gardening Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedias & Dictionaries 30.635
Dictionary of Gardening: A Practical and Scientific Encyclop Royal Horticultural Society Gardens 635
Dictionary of Gardening: Supplement 1956 Supplement 1969 Royal Horticultural Society Gardens 635
Dig & Sow Lobb, Janice Gardens 635
Dig & Sow (At Home With Science) Lobb, Janice Juvenile J 635
Dig, Plant, Grow Rushing, Felder Juvenile J 635
Directions for the Gardener at Says-Court Evelyn, John Gardens 635
Directory of Gardening Resources Garden Club of America Gardens 635
Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs Dirr, Michael A. Trees 583
Dirt-The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth Logan, William Bryant Ecology of the Garden 631.4
Dirt:The Scoop on Soil Rosinsky, Natalie M Juvenile J 631.4
Dirt:The Scoop on Soil Rosinsky, Natalie M Juvenile J 635
Disabled Museum Visitors:Part of Your General Public Smithsonian Institution Horticultural Therapy 950
Discovering Trees Florian, Douglas Juvenile J 583.1
Diseases & Pests of Ornamental Plants Dodge, Bernard O. & Rickett, Harold W. Pests & Diseases 632
Diseases and pests of ornamental plants Pirone, Pascal P. Pests & Diseases 632
Diseases of Trees and Shrubs Sinclair, Wayne A. Pests & Diseases 632
Do It Yourself Garden Construction Know-How Ortho Pools, Foundations, Garden Orn 714
Do's and Don?t's of Home Landscape Design Stoffel, Robert J. Garden Design 712
Down The Garden Path Nichols, Beverly Gardens 635
Dream Plants for the Natural Garden Gerritsen, Henk & Oudolf, Piet Perennials 635.933
Dwarf and Slow Growing Conifers Hornibrook, Murray Conifers 583.2
Dwarf Bulbs Mathew, Brian Bulbs 635.934