Library Catalog

Following is a partial listing of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum library on-line card catalog. Use the "Sort by" window to change sort order. The listing will be added to regularly.

Title Author Category Ref_num
Growing Orchids Book one Cymbiduims, Slippers Rentoul, J. N. Orchids 635.9613
Growing Roses Organically Wilde, Barbara Roses 583.8
Growing to Show: How to Grow Prize-Winning African Violets Bartholomew, Pauline Indoor Gardening 635.961
Growing Trees from Seed: A Practical Guide Kock, Henry et al Trees 583
Growing Up Green Skelsey, Alice & Huckaby, Gloria Juvenile J 635
Growing Vegetable Soup Ehlert, Lois Juvenile J 635.2
Growing Wild flowers Sperka, Marie Wildflowers 586
Growing with Gardening, Therapy Horticultural Moore, Bibby Horticultural Therapy 950
Guerrilla Gardening Pallenberg, Barbara Gardens 635
Guide for Establishing Values of Trees & Other Plants Council of Trees & Landscaping Trees 583
Guide to Garden Tours, Garden Days, Shows & Special Events Rosenfeld, Lois G. World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Guide to Home Landscaping Ajay, Betty Garden Design 712
Guide to Mid-Atlantic Gardens Dempsey, Jack World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Guide to the Wild Flowers Lounsberry, Alice Wildflowers 586
Hammond's Nature Atlas of Amer Jordan, E.L. PhD. Natural History 500.9
Handbook for New Growers of Chrysanthemums Nat'l Chrysanthemum Soc Inc Perennials 635.933
Handbook of Coniferae and Ginkgoaceae Dallimore, W. & Jackson, A. Bruce Conifers 583.2
Handbook of Hollies American Horticultural Society Hollies 583.6
Handbook of Hollies American Rose Society Hollies 583.6
Handbook of Hollies Hansell, Dorothy Hollies 583.6
Handbook of Plant & Floral Ornament Hatton, Richard G. Botanical Illustration 704.94
Handbook of the Trees of New England Dame, Lorin L. & Brooks, Henry Trees 583.1
Handbook of Wildflower Cultivation Taylor, Hamblin Wildflowers 586
Handbook on Bonsai: Special Techniques Brooklyn Botanic Garden Bonsai 635.984
Handbook on Dwarfed Potted Trees Brooklyn Botanic Garden Bonsai 635.984
Handbook on Dye Plants & Dyeing Brooklyn Botanic Garden Crafts, Garden-Related 650
Handbook on Troughs American Rock Garden Society Garden Structures - Patio, Ter 717
Hanging Gardens Kramer, Jack Container Gardening 635.963
Hard Scrabble Graves, John Ecology & Environment 581.5
Hardy Ferns Mickel, John & Bertel, Joseph Ferns 587
Hardy Garden Bulbs Wister, Gertrude S. Bulbs 635.934
Hardy Roses Osboarne, Robert Roses 583.8
Hardy Roses; An Organic Guide to Growing Frost and Disease R Osborne, Robert Roses 583.8
Harrowsmith Book of Fruit Trees Bennett, Jennifer Fruit Trees 634
Hawaii Blossoms Hargreaves, Bob & Dorothy World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Hawaiian Flowers and Flowering Trees Kuck, Loraine E. & Tongg, Alford C. World Gardens World Plants 912.1
Health Plants of the World Dejey, M.A. Burbank, Luther 581.1
Health Plants of the world: Atlas of Medicinal Plants Bianchini, Francesco & Francesco Burbank, Luther 581.1
Healthy Soil for Sustainable Gardens Brooklyn Botanic Garden Ecology of the Garden 631.4
Healthy Soils for Sustainable Gardens Dunne, Niall (editor) Ecology of the Garden 631.4
Heathers in Color Proudley, Brian & Valerie Ground Covers 635.968
Hedge Book Whitehead, Jeffrey Shrubs 583.3
Hedges and their Uses Macoun, W.T. D.SC Shrubs 583.3
Heirloom Flowers Martin, Tovah Flower Book 635.9
Helebores Rice, Graham & Strangman, Elizabeth Biennials 635.932
Hemerocallis Handbook Darrow, George M. Perennials 635.933
Hemerocallis, The Daylily Munson, R.W., Jr. Perennials 635.933
Henry Winthrop Sargent Spingarn, J.E. Garden Design - Landscape Hist 712.09
Her Garden Was Her Delight Hollingsworth, Buckner Biographical / Historical 925
Herb Garden Design Clarke, Ethne Herbs 635.7
Herb Garden Design Swanson, Faith H. & Virginia B. Rady Herbs 635.7
Herb Gardening in Five Seasons Simmons, Adelma g. Herbs 635.7
Herb Grower's Complete Guide Mathieu, Rosella Herbs 635.7
Herbaceous Perennials Armitage, Allan Perennials 635.933
Herbal Delights: Tisanes, Syrups, Confections etc. Leyel, C. F. Herbs 635.7
Herbals, their Origin and Evolution 1470-1670 Arber, Agnes Herbs 635.7
Herbs Bremness, Lesley Herbs 635.7
Herbs and Cooking Brooklyn Botanic Garden Herbs 635.7
Herbs and Herb Gardening Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair Herbs 635.7
Herbs and the Earth Beston, Henry Herbs 635.7
Herbs For Every Garden Foster Gertrude B. Herbs 635.7
Herbs for the Holidays Gilbertie, Sal Herbs 635.7
Herbs for the Medieval Household Freeman, Margaret Herbs 635.7
Herbs from the Garden to the Table Hogner, Dorothy Childs Herbs 635.7
Herbs in Bloom Gardner, Jo Ann Herbs 635,7
Herbs to Grow Indoors for Flavor for Fragrance for Fun Simmons, Adelma g. Herbs 635.7
Herbs, Garden Decorations & Recipes Tolley, Emelie & Mead, Chris Herbs 635.7
Herbs-Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening Michalak, Patricia Herbs 635.7
Herbs-Their Culture & Uses Clarkson, Rosetta Herbs 635.7
Hill's Book of Evergreens Kumlien, L.L. Conifers 583.2
Hints for the Vegetable Gardener Sanders, Robert Vegetables 635.2
History of Botany Lawrence, George & Baker,Kenneth Biographical / Historical 925
History of Homes and Gardens of Tennessee Brandau, Roberta Seawell World Gardens World Plants 912.1
History of the Rose Shepherd, Roy E. Roses 583.8
Hoe For Health Burlingame, Alice W. Horticultural Therapy 950
Holland Bulb Forcer's Guide DeHertogh, August Bulbs 635.934
Holland Bulb Forcer's Guide Hertogh, August De Bulbs 635.934
Hollies, A Gardener's Guide Brooklyn Botanic Garden Hollies 583.6
Hollies, The Genus Ilex Galle, Fred C. Hollies 583.6
Home and Garden Notes and Thouoghts Jekyll, Gertrude Gardens 635
Home Orchid Growing Northern, Rebecca T. Orchids 635.9613
Home Vegetable Gardening Nissley, Charles H. Vegetables 635.2
Homeowner's Complete Tree & Shrub Handbook O'Sullivan, Penelope Trees 583.1
Hoot Hiaasen,Carl Juvenile Fiction J HIA
Horticultural Career Training at Longwood Gardens Longwood Gardens Gardens 635.023
Horticultural Gardeners Guide to Shrubs McIndoe, Andrew Shrubs 583.3
Horticultural Science 2nd. Ed. Janick, Jules Gardens 635
Horticultural Therapy at a psychiatric Hospital Daubert & Rothert Horticultural Therapy 950
Horticultural Therapy for the Mentally handicapped Daubert & Rothert Horticultural Therapy 950
Hortus Botanicus MacPhail, Ian (compiled by) Botanical Illustration 704.94
Hortus Second Bailey, L.H. & Bailey, E.Z. Encyclopedias & Dictionaries 30.635
Hortus Third Bailey, L.H. Encyclopedias & Dictionaries 30.635
House and Garden's Book of Gardening Wright, Richardson Gardens 635
House Plants Oplt, J. Indoor Gardening 635.961
Houseplants for Five Exposures Taloumis, George Indoor Gardening 635.961
How & Why of Better Gardening Manning, Laurence Garden Methods 635.98
How a Seed Grows Jordan, Helene, J. Gardens 635
How a Seed Grows Jordan, Helene J Juvenile J 582
How A Seed Grows Jordan, Helene J. Juvenile J 635
How Animals Tell Time Selsman, Millicent E. Juvenile J599