Obsessed with Abutilons

I have become obsessed with Abutilons.  Are you hooked, too?  Commonly called flowering maples, there’s nothing common about this tender perennial that survives readily in my cool basement every winter.  It’s call a maple because of it’s trident leaves, but forget about the leaves, look at those absolutely amazing flowers! This is the plant to put into a large pot so you can stare at those fascinating pendulous blooms up close.  It’s great to mix with other annuals at its feet or to balance a statuesque canna.  Plop it into the ground if you like, it grows to 3 feet and will rise up to greet you by late summer.  We’ll a a half dozen varieties in shades of yellow, orange red and also that audacious Biltmore ballroon at the sale.  You’ll become a collector, too.