Pruning or Ruining?

Gail Di Domenico
Gail Di Domenico

by Gail Di Domenico, Morris County Master Gardener

This Thursday, March 29th at 7 pm,  free - no registration required

The Friends are featuring a number of gardening talks leading up to the plant sale this year and we’ve just added Gail Di Domenico’s popular talk on pruning.  Maybe you’ve suffered storm damage from the storms earlier this month.  Maybe you’ve just realized that you’ve got a couple of shrubs about to swallow your house. Maybe you want to learn how to prune to get better flowering.  Or, maybe you’re afraid and just don’t know how to make that first cut.

 Whatever your goal(s), Gail will present easy-to-understand advice this coming Thursday evening at 7 p.m. in the Haggerty center at Frelinghuysen arboretum.  Her talk will give you the confidence you crave to quickly wrestle control over your plants now that the weather is more benign and leaves are not yet out.  And, while you’re out there pruning and looking at the gaps and opportunities in your garden, you can be thinking about what new plants you’ll want to get at the sale.  Our talks starting April 5th will help you plan for the upcoming gardening season and, of course, get ready to shop at the sale!