Shady Ladies

Thalictrum ‘Elin’

My yard is dominated by large trees of varying types. Oaks, hickories, maples, white pines; beautiful majestic beings that provide coolness in summer and protection from harsh winter winds. As a gardener, I have learned that while the shade these trees provide limits my choices from plant lists, I can still create a beautiful garden where soft colors weave in and out and create an atmosphere of coolness, serenity and calm.

One important technique to achieve visual interest in the shade garden is variation in elevation. I love Thalictrum ‘Elin,’ with its height up to seven feet and its soft, lacy leaves. Purplish stems topped with lavender flowers and blue-green foliage give color variety as well as height. ‘Elin’ will be happiest with a few hours of sunlight. Find a spot under a high tree canopy and you will be rewarded by her charms.


2015 Plant Dividends

Gladiolus rosebud

Once again, our Members receive an annual Plant Dividend. This year choose from a variety of Cladiums or Gladiolus.

Select one cultivar of Caladium and you’ll get two nice sized bulbs to fill a pot or a shady nook to color and texture.

Select one cultivar of Gladiolus and you’ll get 5 healthy corms to make a create a tall, sword-like stand at the back of a sunny bed or in a container.


Celebrate 20 Years of Great Plant Picks

at our 2015 Plant Sale May 1-3

The Friends Sale has been known for introducing new and unusual plants that work in our climate. This year we will look back on some of the exceptional plants introduced to northern New Jersey over the past 20 years and feature a superior selection of exciting plants to add to your garden.


Yes You Canna!

Canna 'Lucifer'

Yes, you can add pizazz to your garden with Canna, Caladium and Colacasia.

The strong focus on spring flowering bulbs in our gardens can overshadow the many wonderful choices of summer flowering bulbs that will perform quite well here in an increasingly hot New Jersey.

Cannas bring tropical splendor and architectural interest to summer borders and they also flourish along the damp margins of a pond. These bold plants feature clustered, flaglike blooms in a brilliant array of colors. They are deer resistant, easy to grow and attract butterflies and hummingbirds.


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