The 25th Annual Friends Plant Sale

Members Only Shopping: 4pm - 7pm Friday, May 1st.

The Plant Sale Team is putting the “Party” back into the Members Only Friday evening shopping event with live Light Jazz brought to us by the popular Back2Rock Music School in Denville. They’ve also found amazing door prizes from our Retail Partners and there may even be some things for you to sip and nosh on while pondering whether you can get all those plants into your car in one trip. But no worries there either, we will hold your plant purchases until Saturday morning for you!

So, there is absolutely no reason to restrain your plant lust and have a great evening out at the Arboretum! Register now for this special, Members Only shopping event!

Public Sale: 9am - 4pm Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd.

There will be an amazing selection of vegetables, herbs, annuals and tropicals, perennials, trees and shrubs and lots of plant advisors on hand to answer questions and recommend which plants will work best in your garden. The full list of over 500 varieties will be available in a Google Sheets file as our ordering progresses. In the meantime (and to whet your appetite), here is last year's plant list.

Keep coming back to this page for stories about many of the plants at the sale, with more info posted daily!

– Ilona Ontscherenki, for the entire Plant Sale Team


The Vim and Vigor of Viburnum

We’re looking forward to Vinnie Simeone’s talk on Viburnum at the Tubbs lecture at Willowwood this afternoon at 1 pm.  Vinnie was a student of Michael Dirr and Allan Armitage, so he knows his plants! And, I hear there are still some tickets available.


Wake up and get outrageous in the shade

Chartreuse and hot pink make your shade garden pop! The dicentra 'Gold Heart', lysimachia 'Aurea', and epimedium (have to look it up) are all deer resistant, too, and all will be available at the plant sale!

And that hakonechloa 'Aureola' peeking out behind the bleeding heart, too.

Click the thumbnail to open a larger image.



The thrill of pulling garlic mustard in the spring!

Astilbe Visions
One of many Astilbe at the sale

When I started thinking about gardening seriously, I was shocked when one of our past board members, and still a perennial volunteer at the plant sale, told me she pulled 100 garlic mustard plants every morning before breakfast in April/May.


Plant List

Once again, we couldn't restrain ourselves and have ordered over 500 different plant varieties for the upcoming sale. Here's a link to the list so far on Google Sheets.  We're still ordering some last-minute gems!



Ordering Plants while volunteering at The Flower Show!

Hi Fellow Plant Lovers!

Did you land here on this page because you are snowbound today or is it just too cold to go outside?   Well, I'm down in Philly volunteering at the Flower Show and giving early morning tours this week.  After my duties are over, I'm spending time ordering plants for the upcoming sale in May.  I thought I'd share a favorite image from THE FLOWER SHOW.  I'm thinking about hundreds of plants and have my thinking cap on!  This delightful design made solely of pressed flowers won a blue ribbon. Enjoy!


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