The Vim and Vigor of Viburnum

We’re looking forward to Vinnie Simeone’s talk on Viburnum at the Tubbs lecture at Willowwood this afternoon at 1 pm.  Vinnie was a student of Michael Dirr and Allan Armitage, so he knows his plants! And, I hear there are still some tickets available.

We’ll have a nice selection of viburnum at the plant sale, with a focus on both natives, such as V. nudum ‘Brandywine’and V. prunifolium, noted for their berries and amazing fall color and several leatherleaved varieties first bred in Europe. The latter group would serve as wonderful dark green backdrops to your perennial border and also provide privacy screening most of the year.  

Remember, all viburnum respond well to pruning to keep them to the size you want. Prune after flowering, although you’ll miss some berries.