What's growing in your arboretum?

An arboretum is a collection of trees.  I have just built a house where every property must have at least five trees which makes my garden a collection and an arboretum. In looking at the plant sale list I have chosen a few trees that might find a place in my new arboretum.

Cornus offcinalis Kintoki    Truly a tree for all seasons and A PHS winner  it is covered in yellow blooms from March to April  on a tree that works in part shade or full sun. In September bright red berries (edible) adorn this understory tree  ( less than 30 feet at maturity) followed by purple Fall foliage.  As the tree matures the bark becomes mottled and exfoliating where its brown, grey and orange color adds winter interest. 

Buddleia Evil Ways   Although technically a shrub at only about 5 feet tall I am including it here because I simply cannot live without it. First of all some plants prove worthy just because they have cool names and 'Evil Ways' is definitely cool. The yellow foliage may not be everyone's cup of tea but it pairs well with the deep purple ,fragrant flower spikes all Summer long. This beauty is also deer resistant.

Cryptomeria Black Dragon A great little specimen evergreen is sure to be an attention grabber with its stiff , pyramidal form and almost black needles. A slow to moderate grower reaching about 12 feet at maturity makes 'Black Dragon' perfect for a foundation planting.

Cercis Don Egloff   Magenta blooms adorn this tree from mid-March to early April followed by dark green leaves. At 9 feet it can be accommodated in even the smallest of landscapes and when placed where it can be seen from a window gives hope for the Spring to come.You might underplant it with Astilbe 'Visions in Pink' to carry the color scheme into Summer. It can be grown in a mixed border, at the edge of the woodland garden or as a specimen.

See the Plant List for more fabulous trees for your arboretum.  

Sue Acheson